Magnetometer Trust
  • Hi,
    Will Magnetometer Trust be added to the API?
    if so, any time estimate?

    thank you,
  • Hello, good question!

    I updated Serial API and add there other missed data:
    (Search for MAG_TRUST variable)

    Regards, Aleksey
  • great, thank you!
    are those api changes in FW v3.0b4?
  • btw, I use fast I2C, (my gimbal seems to perform better) my IMU wires are all shielded, I have no I2C errors.
    The magnetometer seems to support the high speed I2C.
    however, I did notice the magnetometer error level would slowly rise when gimbal is sitting still. adding a ferrite ring to magnetometer wire appeared to resolve the issue.
  • another question, how does Mag trust play in with gyro trust?
    for example, if im using my gimbal in a context that is beneficial to have magnetometor to prevent drift, (lets say for timelapse movements) and my gimbal is tuned to trust mag=100, what would you anticipate a good setting for gyro trust should be?

  • "Gyro trust" in fact is the inverse of "accelerometer trust". When you set it higher, attitude vector is corrected by accelrometer slower. But Z axis is not corrected by accelerometer at all, so "Mag trust" does not interfere "gyro trust", and vice versa.