Yaw and Pitch drifting under ADC1 and 2 - analog
  • Hi

    I have just upset a new Gimbal and have a strange problem. The Yaw and Pitch axis is drifting uncontrolled. I have a Joystick connected on the ADC-analog. The firmware is 2.42b6 on a V3.0 board.
    If I set the YAW input under RC>Input Mapping to "no input" the gimbal stop drifting. First I thought it will be a problem with the joystick, but the gimbal drifting CW and CCW. So if it will be a Joystick problem, the gimbal will only drift in one direction.

    If I change from RC>RC Control>Speed Mode to the Angle Mode, everything seems to be fine but the red marker dose not stay on N it hangs a bit beside.

    I know, there are some induction problems with the slip rings, so the joystick button of my gimbals make some trouble, but there was never a problem with the joystick. This now the fifth gimbal I build with the same components but the first one with this fail. Could it be a hardware problem?

    Thank´s for any help
  • I have the same hardware/firmware and have drifting with the analog joystick. There is no drift with the analog input set to "no input". I assume the joystick potentiometer is not accurate enough in the "zero" position. Can an offset be programmed to the analog inputs?
    Thanks for help from the experts.
  • Sorry I have now found the offset I required. Scroll down the RC window and there are the various trim inputs that compensate for drift.