Resetting Tilt Angle by touching a button without interfering by hands
  • Hi there!

    I am a basecam newbie but have a lot of experience with Movis and Ronins. I have a very special application and that is why I bought a beautiful basecam board. For this application I need to reset the tilt angle of the camera in relation to the frame when I have follow mode disabled - roll and pitch axes locked.

    I want to do this:
    I have all axes locked as described above. Then I tilt my frame/gimbal for let's say 20 degrees down. So the angle between frame and camera changes for 20 degrees as well. Now I want to be able to keep this angle between frame and camera by a touch of an analog button. This means I want to recalibrate the home tilt angle or a new tilt trim which is given by the current tilt angle of the camera by a touch of a button. I want to be able to do this operation over and over again. And a great option would be to go back to the real / first calibration by a double-touch of the button - but this last one is not a must have.

    Can I do this with a script? Or is there another easy solution without bringing in another controller board?

    I know that there is the RESET TILT BY HANDS option which doesn't work for me because here motors will be killed and the reset has to done by hands. I don't want to kill motors because my application has to work during filming. I have to apply instantly either a new home tilt angle or a new tilt trim which is defined by the current tilt angle of the camera.

    I hope I could explain myself well enough.

    Thank you so much for reading.
  • Really? Nobody with experience can give me a hint? Yikes....

  • Hello!

    As I understand, all you need to solve this task, is to turn the follow mode ON and OFF. As an example, gimbal is working with follow mode enabled (ON). Then you need to adjust home point. You switch ingto "Lock" mode (i,e, turn follow OFF), rotate frame (so reltive position changed) and turn follow ON. When you do it, the current position of the camera is not changed, but the home position is reset to new point for each motor such way that there is no "move" command generated.

    There are many other options to adjust home positions, like controlling any axis by RC (it moves home positions in motors synchronously with the camera) or commanding to move to new angle from script.

    Regards, Aleksey.
  • Hello Aleksey!

    I didn't know that BGCs aren't changing their angle when switched back to follow and change the home position instead. That's great news!!

    I have another 2-3 questions:
    1) Can I write these two commands - switch to LOCK and back to FOLLOW (or the other way around) - in a script? (I clearly see the workaround with switching to another profile, but this isn't very convenient because of all the other data in the GUI - and would this profile switch be instantly?)

    2) I am a little afraid of the the speed (or the lack of it) because for my application this operation really has to take place instantly. Therefore I am not able to push a button twice. If it's not manageabe through a script, is there maybe another option to give the pitch axis a new home position with one button touch?

    3) And if not: Would you be able to implement it in one of your future firmware upgrades? Same would be great for all other axes as well.

    Thanks again!
  • 1) From a script, you can use SET_ADJ_VAR command. There is adjustable variable that controls the follow mode: FOLLOW_YAW_PITCH
    "Follow mode by all axes: 0 - off, 1 – Follow YAW 2* - Follow YAW, PITCH and optionally ROLL"
    More info you can find in the User Manual.

    2) There is an option to temporarily switch into LOCK mode (disable Follow mode) by holding the menu button. It can be used to quickly adjust home position in 3 steps: press button, move frame, release button. http://ybex.com/d/q98p06e0bqtj2dlvruyhb5m42znb8ea8e8g4kcr1.html

    3) Do you mean a menu command to adjust home position, or serial API command, or something else?
  • Oh great, thank you and forgive me my ignorance. I am new to BGCs and wasn't aware of the options of the adjustable variables.

    Hopefully your solution from 1) will do the trick fast enough (which means instantly) by scripting a change to FOLLOW and back to LOCK MODE or the other way around.

    Option 2) may be not the right one because you wrote that I would have to press the button "long" which means several seconds I believe. But I need to have the switch right at the time I press the button.

    Anf for option 3): I was talking about a menu command. As far as I understand Serial API commands are only for external control units like Arduinos. But I want to keep it simple and stick with the GUI / leave other controllers out.
  • Okay, so for your task is better to use menu button to run script. or extra button linked to virtual RC channel to change adjustable variable directly to switch Follow mode on/off. Second option is a combination of "Service" - "Extra buttons", and "Adjustable variables".