Center the Yaw at poweron
  • Hi

    I have a 3 axes homemade gimbal, using the AlexMos SimpleBGC 32-bit controller, with the camera and frame IMU. I already setup the system, but im missing the center point of the yaw at the startup. When I power on the gimbal, the YAW stay in the place where it was at the moment of the poweron. I need it at the center of the gimbal, as the pitch and roll do.

    I have checked the "Center YAW axis at the start-up", but i still have the same issue.

    Any one can give me an advice?

  • how do you check the Center YAW axis at the start-up?
    all you need to do is calibrate the giro with the yaw pointing in the correct direction that simple.
  • Thanks!

    I did the giro calibration, but the same result.

    About how I check the startup position, before power on, I move the yaw to the right, hoping after get started the yaw go to the center, but still in the same place.
  • giro calibration is not working ? what about RC setting how is YAW configured ?
  • the giro calibration was succesfull, the RC works just fine. A guy have told me this:

    "So if you need it to center automatically, you should add encoders, or yaw potentiometer FPV Follow Potentiometer"
  • no! not true your rc settings are incorrect what mode are you using?
  • I have try with a Turnigy and a Taranis RC, same result. How do you know is incorrect? Have you do it before?

  • Yes! Your BGC RC settings are not set correctly
  • can you guide me to do it right?
  • if you read the documentation you should realize your mistake quickly! if you need further assistance PM me