YAW only axis not returning to home
  • I recently purchased a second hand Arris Zhou 3 Axis gimbal for mirrorless cameras and I need some help. I have it mostly set up to run with my Taranis, and tuned to the point it looks like it's working well with no oscillations, but I can't seem to get the YAW axis to return to the point at which it was when the craft, and hence the gimbal, were powered on. I started from scratch on the settings and recalibrated (6 point) the acc, as well as set the IMU locations correctly. I have it set to return on a switch and PITCH goes right back to level (obviously attributed to the fact that there is an acc telling it the position it should be in) but there's no movement on YAW. I'm on the newest stable fw, 2.60 b4. Hopefully I'm just overlooking something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • It is unclear what is your problem, too many things going on your text.

    -Does the yaw provide normal stabilisation.
    - What exactly is your problem, Yaw not returning to home position?

    IMU calibration will not help on that (much). It is of course always important that Gyro is well calibrated, not to drift badly. Performing multiple calibrations helps nothing. it is only the last calibration that counts.

    There is no exact over time home position, unless you have an encoder gimbal or follow yaw encoder/potentiometer, and event then it requires some setting.

    It is unclear what you are trying to archive.
  • I'm simply trying to get the gimbal to return, on a switch, to the position it started when powered up.
  • I have the same set up and before I bought the gimbal, I contacted Arris and they told me it does not have that function and will not return to the start position unless you bring it back using the radio. Bit of a pain I know....