Gimbal Rolls when using pitch axis in "speed" mode
  • Anytime I put Pitch(under RC Control) in speed mode, the gimbal pitches completely up after moving the craft forward or backward. The gimbal works correctly under Angle Mode but my gimbal always resets to the middle. I can set the angle of the gimbal in speed mode but once again as soon as i move the craft along the pitch access it doesn't hold the new position. Does anyone know how I can fix speed mode to where i can set the pitch position and it not move from that position? Ex: I set pitch with my remote so i can see the horizon. I move the craft backwards. The gimbal automatically starts rolling upward to its max position. I have to manually set the horizon again with my controller. Repeat
  • https://youtu.be/DgWVLdmX6Kw

    Works perfect in "angle mode" but in this mode you cannot set the pitch and it always resets to the center with my dial. In speed mode it lets me set the pitch but pitches by itself when moving backward or forward.
  • Hi,

    If the value of RC signal is in the middle of the range and inside deadband, PITCH should not move in speed mode. I guess that RC signal deviates from neutral position.
    Check it in the GUI under all conditions. May be there is some type of mixing of the gimbal control stick with the drones' control in your remote?

    Regards, Aleksey.
  • Thanks for the Reply Aleksey. I checked all the settings in the DJI software but didn't see anything along those lines. I think I may have solved it by increasing the "deadband around center" to 200 for pitch axis. I seem to still have control of the gimbal and it seems to keep the horizon on its own now. I noticed that at 150 it was still barely pitching with the craft. Not sure if this is the correct way to do it or not or if it will introduce other issues. I'll report back with my findings. Looks good on the bench though. Thank you again.
  • Hello.

    150 deadband is okay if it solves your problem, but it limits the working range of RC signal and makes a step-like response.
    Try to find a reason why channel is mixed into another. May be wrong capturing method, or some settings in the DJI software.