Weird Arming issue
  • I have a Mini Alexmos 2-axis Brushless Gimbal Controller BGC V3.5. This is my second one and I am having troubles with it. I can get it to work well when plugged into my computer. When I try to plug it in with just the battery plug the board never initializes. It just flashes the red LED. If I hook up my RX to the RC pins and then plug in the battery it will work. If I just try to use the battery plug it never initializes. My other boards do not behave this way.
  • Sounds like the 5 V regulator is burned. Sounds also like your RX provides 5V power, that could be the reason for the burned regulator.

    Strange how ever that it flashes red. That indicates it gets 5V

    Verify also all alarms, like battery voltage.

  • It flashes red when I plug in my 3s lipo, and never fully initializes. If I plug in the board to USB, it will initialize and then I can plug in the lipo for normal operation. After that, I can unplug the USB and the gimbal will function. It does get hot! I assumed that was the 5v regulator.

    How can plugging in the board to the comp get it to initialize and it to continue to work after I plug in the lipo and unplug the USB?

    Will running the board with the 5v from my Rx and the lipo be a no no?

    I did plug the board into a servo tester which I used to verify the RC input functionality.
  • "Will running the board with the 5v from my Rx and the lipo be a no no?"

    Depends for what else you are using that power. If it is multicopter 5V malfunction on that line could drop the drone... And if it gets already hot... you know the answer.

    My recommendation would be to see if you get the board fixed somewhere, or to get a new board. Next time do not connect +5V in, the on board 5V regulator provides that for the board functionalities. You can use the onboard regulator to power the RX if it does not get powered elsewhere. If it gets powered elsewhere, connect only GND and signal, no +5V.