• HI, Does the SimpleBGC 32 or Pro support the or will support the Mavlink communication with the Pixhawk?
  • Hi,
    Currently no, but will do in near future.
  • that would be really really great. because the functional gimbal control enhancements in ardupilot3.3 mostly created for storm32 gimbal which can already communicate via mavlink. but think if you support it in this way many sbgc32 users will do notch change the board. because this mavlink feature on storm32, i am also thinking about to change my gimbal controller board.


  • @wolke

    How will you use the mavlink, I mean what do you want to control with it?
  • you use mavlink to configure the the BGC controller . Giro, accel calibration and PID as well as RC pass thru
  • the PIX Hawk developers wanted to work with you guys @ basecamelectronics a couple of months ago you may want to get in touch!
  • @ garug,
    for example see gps gimbal tracking with pixhawk and storm32.
    gimbal moves independent from copter.this mean your flightcontroller communicate with gps tracker and with gimbal. both use mavlink to communicant.
    example video here:
  • Thanks, that is a cool example.
  • yes, and you can develop your own applications for android using https://github.com/dronekit/dronekit-android. for example and video detection object tracking system. or what you ever have in mind.

    edit: the real minus here, maybe this close a gap to more dangerous applications. gimbals also can carry sick play-load.