Yaw follow mode please help
  • Hi,
    i am new to this forum and also new in using the 32bit and 3 axis gimbal so maybe newbie questions ...
    I set up a 3 axis gimbal with canon 5D MK2 ; all axi are correctly stabilized and i am please with this.
    My concern is the yaw behavior: right now the gimbal is heading at the direction i put it with my RC; is it possible to have
    the gimbal following the craft yaw (like a 2 axis gimbal) and being still "movable" through RC ?; I've seen a follow mode
    for yaw but i've not been able to make it working...
    many thanks for help

  • Yes, Follow yaw and joystick can be used at the same time. What exactly is the problem you are having?
  • Hi,
    I have tried to activate the yaw follow mode through GUI but when i rotate the craft, gimbal seems working as usual (heading to one point and not following the craft yaw). How the gimbal get the craft yaw information?
  • There is many settings affecting the yaw follow. Start by checking that follow speed is not 0, User manual provides more information about the follow settings.

    How it gets the information is build in the SW no need to worry about that, but if you are interested, controller controls the motors, sometimes has second IMU, sometimes also encoders. That is how it gets the information. Yaw follow works on all setups, so even without frame IMU and encoders.
  • In "Follow" tab the yaw speed is set to 5; when the yaw follow mode is enable the gimbal starts yawing and don't stop ; i have to disable the yaw follow mode to get it back under RC yaw control
  • 5 is a bit low. try 20. is it within the same profile that you activate the follow yaw? if different profile make sure first that everything works on it normally and then activate follow yaw.
  • Ok i'll try; yes it's same profile
  • it's just do the same thing with 20 instead of 5, just quicker...
  • i am running software 2_40b7
  • So it is 8 bit board, not 32 bit? But that makes no difference for follow functionality. Sounds like you basic setup is not correctly performed. some of the motor inverted status is likely wrong. Do the motor config auto. it is the only way to get them right. after correct pole count as per your motors manually, but do not touch inverted status.
  • oh i am confused software is 2.42b7; ok thanks, i'll do that.
  • Ok now the yaw motor has been inverted by the auto procedure and the gimbal is not drifting when Follw Yaw is enabled but it still not following the yaw.. it's just heading the position given by the RC...
  • Hey Garug, thanks; it's working now: i played and grow the speed (to 80) and the gimbal is now following the craft yaw! just some little delay and response slower on one side than the other but i think usable as is. many thanks for your help.
    have to understand now how switching profile from TX
  • Good you got it working.