Disabling accelerometer/IMU from Serial API
  • Hello,

    I was wondering if there is any way of disabling the accelerometer/IMU via the Serial API, or to set the board such that control of the motors is done exclusively via the Serila API?

    I've managed to send on/off and motor control messages to the API, but there is lots of jitter from what I assume is the board trying to correct according to the accelerometer data. Even when I just turn the motor on, there is drift. I've tried removing the IMU and fixing it in place (still drift) and disconnecting the IMU (errors and can no longer send commands via serial) and nothing seems to work. I am trying to control the motors for a camera tracking application.

    I have a Tarion 2 Axis CNC Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount that uses a BaseCam board with the SimpleBGC 2.3b5 firmware. This is my first time working with these gimbal systems as well, so please advise if you recommend another device or up-to-date board!
  • It needs the IMU to work.

    Jitter is because of IMU, but if you try to accelerate too fast there is jitter. See the excambles how to control smoothly.

    The gimbal must be working well to start with
  • Thanks, Garug! For my application, I ended up calibrating the IMU the best I could, then mounted the board on a clamp to keep it stable, rotated it, and set the yaw output from the gyro to the roll motor. Now I am able to use it for camera tracking.