pitch not working well - bouncing when stabilizing
  • Hi there,
    I am having some problems getting the pitch work properly on a 32bits version of alexmos.
    I can get the gimbal to stabilize the camera, but I'm having lot of bouncing effect on the movement os pitch. I have tried to adjust the PID values, and nothing. I have try diferent cameras (with diferent sizes) and I'm getting the same result.
    Anyone with the same problem and with a solution for the problem?
  • I'm having the same problem while walking. After reading every post I can find on here, I'mk starting to wonder if it might be possible to replace my gimbal handles with fluid heads. Just thinking out loud...

    Calumet CK9065 Mini Fluid Head with Quick Release by Calumet Calumet CK9065 Mini Fluid Head with Quick Release
    by Calumet
    Link: http://amzn.com/B008L1GL4Y
  • So I just did a little test based on what I wrote above. Instead of adding fluid heads. it occured to me that it may be as simple as changing the angle of the handgrips.

    I did 4 tests.

    Handgrips pointed straight up: bad
    Handgrips pointed straight down: bad
    Handgrips at an angle: bad

    But what was the best, and cut the walking motions the most, was handgrips straight towards the user. Interesting. For me, that maximized what my elbows contribute.