Yaw Shake
  • Need help fixing the Yaw shake. I'm using 32bit controller with 2 IMU's on a RCTimer Legacy gimbal with Sony Nex-5T. I have balanced the gimbal, auto set the motors, auto tuned the gimbal and set Yaw filters. Everything is fine on the ground, pitch and roll works on the ground and in the air but once I lift off the Yaw starts shaking. I don't know how to fix this problem. I have increased power lowered power turned follow on turned follow off and nothing seems to work.

  • Look in to the mechanical construction:

    - make sure camera is firmly attached,
    - adjust all dimensions as small as possible, maintaining the balance
    - make sure yaw is well balanced
    - maybe vibration dampers need to be harder, or maybe softer, try. Probably harder.
    - Try auto tuning Yaw only with good stability setting without any filtering activated.
    - Try manually tuning the Yaw, probably lower values than the auto tuning provides.
    - Try more with filtering.

    Are the legs attached to the yaw, if they are, that is your problem. Tune the yaw so that legs are not touching the ground when tuning. Have batteries and everything attached (but not electrically connected to multicopter) when tuning.

    The Auto tuning must be done as close of the actual operational conditions to work good. (but no need to power the multicopter and that would be dangerous.) The important thing is to have the gimbal/camera system hanging as the multicopter would be flying.
  • Thanks Garug, I will try and tune it with the legs off the ground. I hope that does it.
  • The problem I find is that every thing works great on the bench but as soon as I fly the Yaw shakes. There are so many settings and variables to try and then go fly and find it's not fixed this is almost an impossible task when you don't know what to change. There must be a simpler way.
  • Did you tune it legs of ground?
  • Are you sure it's not a Prop wash problem ?
    How close are the Props to your Gimbal ?
  • It's a Tarot TL6X and the gimbal is centered under the main body. It's nothing that has not been done before.
  • I tuned it with the legs off the ground. If I could tune it while it is flying may do it but is that even possible?
  • What I have found that after tuning the gimbal it is stable in the roll and pitch if I slightly push them they return to home without any problem but it I do the same to the yaw it shakes back in forth. What do I need to adjust to stop the shaking back and forth?
  • Legs on yaw is a...

    You need to make it mechanically solid, have strong yaw motor, have stiff vibration dampers or mass above them...

    Using LPF on yaw may help. Lowering PID values may help, especially using low 'I'. Using as high power the motor can take may help.
  • Thanks Garug I will give it a try.
  • I have finally fix my Yaw Shake problem. I replaced the AlexMos with a Phobotic Gimbal Control worked first time with no problems.
  • On my experience CP is even more sensitive for gimbal construction than BaseCam, but maybe they have focused the algorithms then for the kind of construction you have. Anyway, good you got the gimbal working, happy sooting.