ARM BGC V 4.5 -0.00 b0 firmware error
  • Hello sir my controller ARMBGC V4,5 32bit board i try update my board but after manual update controller not connected to GUI i try recover but after installation i disconnect USB connect again but controller not connect to imu
    i see massage BOARD version-3.0 Firmware -0.00 b0
    what is this problem and haw fix board
  • Hello, i'd recommend you to contact armbgc.com with your issue.
  • im contact but he not respond me
    what you think what is this problem ?
  • Have you tried to make automatic update? After using recovery update it is a mandatory procedure.
  • yes program not find any update ,and i try update monual and than after instalation board change sound and whenw im try connect i see BOARD version-3.0 Firmware -0.00 b0
  • Please send me to private mail serial number of your board (can be found on update tab)
  • 01231e5042f5cfc4ee
  • I have the same problem with the controller v4.5
    says: Error checking latest version: java.lang.Exception: This device is not activated. Please call support service for help.
    Help Please!
  • It seems to be that ArmBGC has sold you not activated boards. I'd recommend you to open dispute If you paid them via paypal.
  • mister yu3u can you help me for my problem or no?
  • vaveragrakann, try to make automatic update according to the manual - http://www.basecamelectronics.com/files/v3/SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_43_eng.pdf
  • Ser im try but program not detect any updates for my controller
  • I update the latest version of firmware manually, but when I connect GUI is locked. I can not do anything, not even see the run monitor. The sound heard intermittently, fast and steady. Let me not write or read.
    Now if I do not know what to do ... !!!
    Help !!
  • Hi, same problem: BOARD version-3.0 Firmware -0.00 b0 after manual update.
    Before I tried a automatic update with this failure message: java.lang.Exception: This device is not activated. Please call support service for help.

    Led is blinking after second update, as it is mentioned in the manual.
  • Ok, seems to have a problem with v4.5 controllers. I hope they fix it soon.
  • Hi, I have the same problem: BOARD version-3.0 Firmware -0.00 b0 after manual update.
  • I have this board: 32-bit Brushless Gimbal Controller (Basecam SimpleBGC AlexMos) Frame Imu onboard
  • Anybody know how fix this problem
  • Bad news for everyone who bought the controlling v4.5.
    Without warning, ARMBGC not work anymore with SIMPLEBGC software. That's why forcing the update manually, the controller v4.5 crashes. This was decided the company.
    Now, really have to be so, by a decision of the company ARMBGC it so?
    The only answer they gave me is to send the controller to its factory, to solve the problem and then sent me. But yeah, no longer works with software Basecam. Only if ARMBGC software.
    Very bad decision by this company, I have to mail me innesesarios costs to settle it.
    Very angry about this, decided not to buy more products ARMBGC.
    The solution is to buy the products associated with BASECAM.

    Good luck, and if you want to complain to ARMBGC, are in the right.
  • has the issue is solved?
  • I have sent my broken board to them for repairing. But now nobody answers in the chat, per mail or on skype...

    Has someone contact to them?
  • I have the same problem, do not answer the mails or phones. We should get started to publish the product more known this disastrous company called ARM BGC says. It is unfortunate what happens, and none of them takes over.