What happens when...
  • If I manually disturb the pitch it bounces back to its previous position.
    If I manually disturb the roll it bounces back to its previous position.
    What should happen if I disturb the yaw?

    I'm trying to debug a problem with the YAW always going crazy after a fairly slight disturbance (I give it the finger).
    It doesn't return to any logical point (starting point, last position etc.).

    Alexmos 32bit, 1 IMU, 3 axis, v2.42b7 for both GUI and Firmware, GB85-1 (x3), Cinestar (3 leg) style gimbal
    (PID from Auto-Tune)
    Roll: P=139, I=0.17, D=90, Power=100
    Pitch: P=34, I=1.02, D=28, Power=100
    YAW: P=46, I=0.02, D=32, Power=180
  • There is something mechanically wrong with your Yaw. The 'I' should be much higher.

    How is your vibration dampening? is there any mass above the yaw motor before the dampers?

    I assume you have made sure the Yaw is well balanced.
  • Vibration dampening looks very good, from the video taken so far.
    Other than a bit of mounting hardware, nothing. (I can PM a picture if needed)

    This gimbal is totally balanced. I can flip this thing is any orientation and nothing moves at all.
  • vibration dampening can be good for video, but still cause problems like you mention. (if the problem you mention is not problem for video.. but it probably will be at some point, high wind etc.)

    The Yaw performance will improve if there is enough rotational resistance above the yaw, provided by additional mass (Inertia) or stiffer dampers, rotation limiters etc. A picture would help to see if this is a problem.

    Ps. Looking your PID values and asking what does not belong the group?

    it is clearly the 0.02, especially when same motor is on each axis.

    Something is causing that.