Gibal working fine untill rc input 8bit 2.4b7
  • Gimbal is working fine untill i connect some rc input. Then it freaks out and goes spastic!
    This board was only soldered with the pitch and roll headers so cant realy connect it wrong.
    Using f1-2 out from my wookong and it has worked fine beefore.
    the only change that has been done is adding the 3. axis board.

    Any ideas?
  • How have you configured the RC settings on GUI? what does the real time tab show for the connected RC channels?
  • default settings with pwm.
    Just my luck usb header broke off the board when i was to look, so i now only have bluetooth.
    Is it possible to see the rc input in the android app?
  • Mrimstad, yes it's possible to see input in android. You can also connect to pc using bt adapter.

    As Garug said - look at realtime tab. It may be that joystick "neutral" (when nothing is pressed) position doesn't eqaul ~1500 in input window in realtime tab. That's why the board thinks it's the joystick is pressed and try to rotate camera. If it's so you need to tweek rc trim and rc deadband options.
  • i could go with that if it tryed to rotate, but it is going mental.
    Just like when you have the imu axis setup incorrectly.
  • Do you get I2C errors when RC connected?

    Turn of the motors, do the indicators act logically when Pitching, rolling or Yawing the camera?
  • I dropped the wookong, and went straight from my reciever. Now i get nothing.
    Gimbal stabalizes like normal but there is no movement from rc input, no twitching, nothing.
    Once again all default rc inputs. pwm
    Also nothing in monitoring
  • Do i need to feed 5v from the reciever aswell?
    I thought i just used signal and negative pin the last time, but maybe i am wrong?