No connection after Flashed to 2.40
  • Connected to the controller and tuned the PIDs then once the system was working fairly well I decided to upgrade the firmware. I had avrdude on my PC already so I was successful in upgrading but now nothing works. No com connection and no response. It will still flash the firmware but that's it.
    Anyone have an idea?
  • Hello, post link on website page with your gimbal or board.
  • Alexmos BGC 3.1 MOS Large Current Two-axis Brushless Gimbal V2.3B5 Controller.
    Its Chinese
  • It's not genuine BaseCam controller and it works on hacked firmware. During updating you killed your fake board.
  • Fake advertising too. Claiming Alexmos BGC
  • actualy. most of them say at the bottom of the advert that they run on nulled firmware.
    preaty easy to check, anything past 2.2b4 and its probobly a real alexmos bootloader.
    Anything delivered with a 2.2 firmware is probobly a hoax