Roll effeckted by yaw ??
  • When I yaw my gimbal with the RC the roll axis is being effeckted and starts rolling. It slowly comes back to zero again. I have tried to cut the power to the roll motor and can then see in the software that the roll axis i changing even that the roll axis does not move.
    When I power on the roll motor its rolling the gimbal when I yaw. WHY

    What am I doing wrong.

  • How is your IMU installed, it needs to be in level when pitch and roll are in level (or exactly 90 degrees to level) How is your IMU calibrated? Do you have Follow mode activated? how is your gyro trust?

    If you want to keep a certain axis fixed try setting 'I' to 0 and keeping power on.
  • The IMU is level, tested it several times. The IMU is calibrated as mentioned in the manual, follow mode is activated, ( have tried with follow mode OFF same result ) Gyro trust is 80
  • On follow tab there is auto ofset, try that, once I had very persistent problem like this. Erase EEPROM helped