DYS Smart Gimbal - Firmware upgrade
  • So, after looking at all the fixes with the latest firmware for the 32bit board I thought I should update my DYS Smart Gimbal firmware. I loaded the GUI 2_3b4 and ran the firmware set to the 32bit-recovery-hex. Now I only get red & green solid lights. Is this thing scrap metal now? Or can my bonehead mistake be salvaged? Cheers!

    P.S. I do not see any "flash" pins to jump per the manual.
  • My board came with 2.30b5 installed. The GUI 2.41b5 will not connect or update automatically and my board does not resemble the one you show in the picture at the end of the other "where are the flash pins" thread (link below).

    I have looked for a 2.41b5 binary load module and and not finding one online. I don't see any nomenclature on the board that wold indicate its revision, the routing is quite different then shown in the pic at the link below.


    How should I proceed?
  • I don't my friend I'm lost too. I thought this forum would provide some insight. Guess not. Oh well.
  • Add one more to the list of people who bought the DYS gimbal, tried to flash the firmware because of an I2C error and now can't connect to the board and can't find any flash pins on the board. I have the DYS Smart 3 gopro gimbal.
  • I can't find any DYS Smart Gimbal with a 32Bit controller !
    They use normally a 8Bit controller and that's running at a different firmware !

    I hope you can still connect to your board and upload the correct firmware.

    Good luck...
  • it's an easy fix to recover your dead controller. It happened to me. My controller just had a solid red light after flashing and wouldn't connect to anything.
    Go to the manual and search for "bricked" and it'll take you to page 38 of the manual. There, you will see instructions on how to recovery your controller.


  • Hi guys.

    I have a DYS smart 3 gimbal for gopro. I managed to get it working with my RC controler (spectrum dx8) but I can´t get it to go smoothly. yaw is turning, and wile I turn yaw the roll axis is also changing. can someone help me on getting this fixed so I can use the gimbal like I should be able to?
    any help greatly appreciated.