horizon drifts upon 180 deg spin
  • That is on 2.47b and 2 axis 8bit board. All works reasonably well and the horizon holds perfectly level when I rock the multicopter from side to side and forward and backwards but when I spin the multicopter on which the gimbal is mounted, the horizon drifts off level before slowly levels out again in about 10-15 seconds. How can I improve or elliminate this issue?
  • Is your 'I' very low? If yes, you should raise it. Is this in basic or follow mode, id in follow mode, higher follow speed.
  • It is in basic mode. On 4s I have on Roll P.I.D. values around 17 - 0.08 - 35 and Pitch 17 - 0.08 - 24 and power on Roll motor 130 and Pitch motor 75.