DYS/gopro gimbal lost control
  • HI.
    I am a newby to these gimbals and hope that someone on this forum may be able to help me.
    My new DYS gimbal worked fine out of the box. I flew it and noticed a roll wobble. I hooked it up to the GUI and the unit has gone crazy. The accelerometer will not calibrate. I tried the 6 axis calibration as well. same problem.
    When I disengage the motors it stops. The shaking alters when I enter new PIDs but it will not stabilize.
    I'd appreciate some guidance or a magic bullet solution.
  • P.S. I made a short video of the problem but don't know how to post it.
    Any suggestions?
  • Post to Youtube and copy the link here

  • Here it is.
  • calibrate your Acc
  • Hi.
    Thanks for the response. I try to. The message keeps saying that the accelerators need calibrating. I even tried the 6 axis calibration but no result. I will check the video of the 6 axis calibration again and throw myself into it...... again.
  • A thought.
    I live very close to a US Embassy that emits a lot of RF signal all over the place. Could this have an effect on the acc calibration?
  • #1 make sure sensor orientation is correct, then do the ACC calibration.

    I'll try to get a screen shot up for you in the morning of some tuned settings I'm using on few version 2.4b7
  • HI.
    When you say sensor orientation I take it you mean the IMU? I also note to point Z axis parallel to motor but it does not make sense to me. I'm somewhat a newby. A clarification would be great. Look forward to the screenshot.

  • HAHa.
    My sensor directions were wrong.
    I input Axis TOP = X
    RIGHT -Y
    and it stops spazzing out.
    Pitch looks good. Roll has some problems.
    Almost there.
    Now I need to play with the PIDs
  • Great!

    Let us know how your PID tuning goes... :D
  • Hi. It rained all day yesterday, so no flying.
    Small window today. GOPRo battery died after 1 minute ( stupid boy) but here is it.

    I am getting vibration that I think comes from unbalanced props. But the serous wobbles start about 50 seconds in to the video.
    My PIDs are
    Roll: 7 0.1 6
    Pitch: 6 0.4 6
    Yaw: 10 05. 10
    Any guidance or suggestions on vibration are welcome.