Little Yaw shakes while walking (32bit2.4)
  • Hi, two weeks of tuning is done.
    I tried almos everything, (high, low power/pid.....)
    Pitch an roll is rock stable, but i get erratic little right/left shakes while i walk.

    maybe later i take a video.

    Gimbal with 8017 yaw motor and red epic

    gyro high sensitivity activated
    limit acceleration 500

    10 0.04 8 220 30

    Please help me :(

    I pay 100$ for the solution ;)
  • Is this Follow mode activated? do you get those right/left shakes in basic mode? If the answer is Yes to first and no to second question, then possibly acceleration limit, follow speed, dead band and expo curve could help.

    I assume your Yaw axel is well balanced with the camera/lens/battery and you have enough power on Yaw...

    Red Epic is a big camera. have you tried Gyro high sensitivity?
  • Hi Garug,
    thank you for your fast answer.

    I get the shakes also in basic mode.

    Yaw axel is more than well balance :D

    Gyro high sensitivity is activ.
  • It seems you have tried about everything. I would verify that the motor is ok by measuring the resistance between each of the 3 wires (it should be about the same) and between any wire and chassis (it should be open/infinity)

    If you do not have multimeter, this should also verify the motor functionality "If you rewound the motors yourself, we recommend checking the winding. Remove the motors from the gimbal, connect them to the controller and set parameters P=0, I=0.1, D=0 for each axis. Set enough POWER to get the motor to move, and connect your battery. Motors should spin smoothly when you move the sensor. A small amount of jitter is normal due to the magnetic force between rotors and stators (“cogging” effect)." It is from the new updated manual http://forum.basecamelectronics.com/index.php?p=/discussion/804/new-full-guide-from-the-basecam-partner#Item_1

    Your PID values seem a bit low. What kind of result do you get if you try this: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=28045237&postcount=9447

    Also verify that you get no I2C errors.
  • Many Thanks for you affort garug.

    Motor is ok. I checked it by multimeter (btw i get this behavior with two different gimbals)

    Your Post from RCG was the way how i got the Roll an Pitch stable. Thank you for it.

    There are no I2C Errors (I use ferrit rings since the first day)
  • Have you tried lower Power setting, maybe 180 and getting P as high as possible (as per the official tuning instructions)

    What kind of gimbal is it? Solid frame is really important. If you can would be good to shorten all the tubes to as short as possible.

    Also where is your battery. On Yaw axis above the roll motor is in my experience the worst possible place as it ads the inertia of Yaw. Would be good to have the battery in front of yaw motor or on top of the handle.
  • Can you notice if the shakes are because more torque is needed on the motor/axis or more like it vibrates because self-excitation?

    It's very important to think about that to know how to do with the PIDs/power, or even the gimbal itself physically.
  • Hi jen:

    First uncheck the gyro high sensitivity. What it doe basically is doubling PID values. Then lower the I to 0.02 and increase the yaw speed to around 9. I had the same problem and it was solved.
  • @Octovisuals
    Im not realy sure. But i think its a kind of self-excitation. Because the motor holds realy strong if i try to move it by hand.

    Hi kikojiu

    I will try your instruction today. It sounds good, maybe you should give me your paypal adress ;-)

    Do you mean "yaw speed" in the follow tab? Im already at 15.
  • @Garug

    I tryed every combination of Power and PIDs

    It's a gimbal with a very strong frame.

    My battery is on top of the handle
  • I am using Yaw speed 4. I think 15 might be too much.
  • tried everything. NOTHING helped :((
  • I have not tried, but some have reported that inverting the motor helps. I guess both on GUI and physically. I do not know why this would help, but easy to try.

    Maybe the Red Epic + lens you are using is just too much for the motor. I am using GB85-1 with Canon 5D + 24-105 F 4.0 lens with good results. I think the GB85-1 could easily handle even more.
  • I started having yaw problems on 32bit recently after messing with some settings then I tried to go back and couldn't replicate what I had. didn;t matter my original setting I was getting to much ambient vibrations so in long run wasn;t a feasible set up. anyway, i tried kikojiu's recommendation to ucnheck gyro sensitivity high and it appeared to have solved the issue. however, I need to reset all my numbers much higher than before. I'm waiting for a longer wire for my 2nd imu and I will try putting it above the yaw. maybe that will stabilize it more. _update. **Doing this locked it in. The 32bit boards are really impressive.
  • I discovered that the shakes are most present if i roll the handle from the left to the right (and from the right to the left).
    The Roll axel (horizont) is stable but the yaw is shaking.
    Any idea?
  • uncheck gyro high sensitivity if you havent already and recalibrate PIDs accordingly. yaw issues all go away. Quiote frankly you get a more stable image all around...
  • @OST_RC

    I have already uncheck high sensitivity :(
  • did you recalibrate PIDs according to recommended tuning process?
  • Yes of course ;)
  • sent a PM
  • One thing still that came into my mind. I sometimes use IS in addition to gimbal if using long focal length. It is good for stationary shots, but not if moving or especially panning fast. The IS helps removing especially the shakes when operating the objective, focus or zoom, but when moving it can cause erratic shakes as you describe.

    What kind of lens do you have, does it have IS?
  • Shouldn't need IS at all. If you are using a really long lens, you shouldn't. I said this before and I'll say it again. Wide angles are the best for mechanical shots. Yeah you can use long lenses and it has a cool effect sometimes but it is just not practical. You also lose a lot of dynamics as far as motion goes. Just watch any Terrance Malick film. you'll see what I mean.
  • yes, maybe so, but if jen was using I.S. that could be the reason for the problems.

    The only 24 mm lens I have now is Canon 24-105 mm F 4 I.S. My camera is 5D II and I am not too happy with it and I am not sure I want to upgrade to 5D III. GH4 will be less weight and hopefully better video, but will mean new lenses...

    Once I am using now the 24-105 I have been experimenting with it. I think so too that I.S. is mostly problems with gimbal, but without it I can not touch the camera at all at 105 mm, or it will be shaking. But that requires just a bit planning. Manual Zoomin does not work that smooth anyway.

    But this is getting of the topic, here is my trials so far: http://forum.basecamelectronics.com/index.php?p=/discussion/662/levitezer-gimbal-test-videos-#Item_17