the new 32 bit controller - items for handheld cam stabilizer or complete solution
  • Hello from Germany,

    It’s good to see that your new BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit controller is ready for sale.
    I’m a cameraman and since long I want to DIY a 3-axis handheld brushless gimbal stabilizer for video cams up to 2,5 kg, preferably based on your new 32-bit controller.

    As base frame for the handheld rig I will go, naturally, for a CFK tubing solution. So far so good. Unfortunately I have no idea which motors should I use for 2 x Nick, 1 x Roll, 1 x YAW. I prefer motors which can safely drive the 2.5 kg load, but not running at the current limits of the controller. What would be your recommendation for a most suitable motor solution within the range of given motors?

    Second: Which IMU I should use? Which fits best to your controller design? Which one did you use? I learned that two IMU’s are even better than one.

    Finally, is there any complete kit for sale covering all the above mentioned preconditions? I would highly appreciate buying a complete solution which include all parts: controller, frame, motors, imu, including even cable & connectors from one hand. Any recommendation here?

    BTW, there are a lot Chinese stuff on ebay, even offering original “AlexMos 3-Axis Simple Brushless Gimbal Controller BGC V2.3B5”. I do not trust these sources and I want rely on original products of the developer of the controller.

    Thanks for your helpful support.
  • you can obtain from vendor on the list ! I carry the best solution on the market the first hand held gimbal on the market. My Multi rotor shop you can finb here from cheap to expensive professional models. I recommend this on with Tiger GB85 MOTORS http://mymobilemms.com/OFFTHEGRIDWATER.CA/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=20_22&products_id=659
  • Hi AOPEN3434,

    What modifications have you made to the standard FamousHobby BG004 (http://www.famoushobby.com/bg004-famoushobby-3-axis-brushless-gimbalhandle-camera-gimbalred-gimbalwith-3pcs-8017motors-p-82.html)

    to warrant the price increase from $2200 to $3800?

  • it not for hand held only! Multi copter shop sell , design copter related gear! Gimbal is PKG deal with Copter 3-Axis landing gear, stand, 3 -Axis handheld, 2 batteys, Alexmos controller and charger? also have 2 man film crew with FPV gear TxRx , Monitor , RC TxRx .in addition to whats described above. also have similar PKg as you post with stand
  • In the description it states?

    1 x BaseCam (AlexMos) SimpleBGC 3-axes stabilization kit Assembled Alexmos controller boards available by request

    Does it come with controller?
  • yes it comes with controller , Hiy current 40 Amp means version , if you like a controller pre assembled you can request that. because not every one has technical skill to .
  • SHOULD be shipping with the new 32bit boards 2nd week of April.
  • Why does it say Cinestar on the video title? This is not a Cinestar gimbal, correct?
  • We have 5 different cinestar professional gimbal models, they will all fit Cinestar, Hover fly, Droid works, carbon core, DJI s800 & DJI S1000 copters with no modifications
  • OK I understand.
  • 32 bit boards are in stock now. Prices are all over, from $175 to $329. I haven't found the second IMU in stock yet, it is different from the IMU that comes with this board, as it is a pass through. Was told that they would be available in 2 weeks.
  • have them on sale until release date 4th so if like to take advantage of the discount price order now.
  • my 32 bit boards ship with second imu as well