Help set up like radin stop YAW motion when RC stick is centerd 3-Axis yaw on RC YAW/Rudder stick
  • Hello,
    I am having some tube setting up RC input for Yaw . I need som advice on how to configure RC input for a 3- Axis Multicopter Gimbal with yaw control on rudder (yaw) stick. I would like the gimbal yaw to rotate when I apply stick rudder input and stop immediately when stick is centered move stick right gimbal moves right move the stick left gimbals moves left. Using Currently speed mode is sluggish with GMB5208 180T yaw full power on YAW, rotated then stops when it is centered but returns to neutral position does not stay where you let go of the stick . Angle mode is more responsive but not working stick is center keeps moving .

    Any advise would be Helpful
  • You have to disable follow yaw mode.