3D_Printed motor cage with (too) much flex/movment (?)
  • Hello,
    I took a closer look at a printed engine holder and noticed that a lot of movement from the engine (turbulent running) is transferred to my complete system.
    Video 1:

    Video 2:

    Video 3:

    As far as I could pursue the problem of motor racing, I use between motor and holder a clutch of moosgumi (foamed rubber) and between the shaft and motor also mossgumi, despite this, a lot of motor unrest is carried over.

    in an attempt, I solved the screws strong so that they only keep the "postion" -> The wave ran curiosity, however, I do not know where the enstchandten forces in the operation are led.

    Is that too problematic or in the context of the movement oki?
  • wow, why the links are removed?