Help needed with Quanum 3 Axis Mobius Gimbal Please
  • Hi all, I'm new here. I have purchased from Hobbyking a Quanum 3 axis gimbal for the Mobius camera, I have mounted it to a XK X380 quadcopter. The Yaw appears to be disabled, but I am happy with that as I am really only interested in Pitch and Roll. The pitch forward and backwards appears to be OK, although more travel is needed, so I'd like to know how to achieve that.
    The real problem appears to when rotating the quad either way the gimbal fails to stay level, it slants to the opposite side of the rotation, and is very, very slow to return to its default position, I suspect this might has something to do with the axis but I am unsure if that's correct or how to remedy it.

    My current PIDS are Roll 10 0.03 3 Power 65 14
    Pitch 10 0.03 3 Power 65 14

    Axis Top Z Axis Right X

    I am using GUI 2.3b4.

    I should add that I am powering the gimbal using a separate 7.4 (2S) Lipo and that there is NO re-set button on the gimbal.

    I would appreciate any advice given, Thanks, Mark.