Feature request: stiffer encoder limits
  • I sometimes work with gimbals with a very limited range of motion in one or more axes (about +/-5 degrees). The limited range of motion allows the gimbal to fit in very small spaces will still providing stability in the desired axes. The Basecam encoder limits are too soft to be used in this case though. It would be useful to be able to set the beginning and end of the limit. For example, the maximum could start at +3.5 degrees and reach full strength at +4.5 degrees, making it stiff enough to be useful in gimbals with very limited range of motion.
  • The soft limits in the basecam firmware are set to 10 degrees width. I see, if the full range is so small, it is impossible to use such soft limits. We will consider adding a parameter to set it for each motor manually.
    BTW, +-5 degrees of working range is too small. Hard to imagine where it may be useful.
  • This feature will be add in the upcoming 2.66b8
  • Great! Thanks, Alex!