Beholder DS1 Faulty Handle
  • Hi,

    Haven't used my Beholder DS1 in a while and when I tried to use it today it seemed completely dead. I got a new set of 18650 batteries but no matter what I try the green light won't come on on the handle and the unit won't boot. I've tried connecting it up to SimpleBGC and everything there looks fine except the battery reading which stays at 0v. I've tried battery calibration but it doesn't save.

    I tried opening up the unit and then manually "hot wired" the power cable to the 3x battery holder and then it booted up fine so it looks like it's the small circular board on inside the handle that is faulty. Does anyone know if there's anything I can do to try and fix the power board inside the handle or some sort of reset sequence to try and bring it back to life?