Beholder DS1 Factory default profiles
  • Hi everybody,
    can anybody do me a favor and provide me with a link to download the factory default profiles of Beholder DS1 gimbals?
    I deleted the EEPROM of my gimbal and I don't have the default profiles to load into the device and make it work again. my gimbal is currently completely useless.
    Please, I'm really frustrated and I'd really appreciate any help in order to make it work again.
    thank you guys
  • Hi I've been searching for up to date profiles and cant find anything. I did manage to save one of the profiles before I updated the firmware which seems pretty stable to me.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/i18kgyfro8pl34h/Profile1 default original .profile?dl=0

    If you manage to get hold of more recent ones or if you already have can you help me out?