Tiny revision B board problem
  • I have just burnt two Tiny Revision B board without any reason. It just works for a couple days then at one point, always at powering up, the board stops working. no more LED, no more USB connection... DEAD
    Any advise?
  • Hello,
    Try unplug all external devices (IMU, joystick, reciver and etc) from control board.
    Connect board to the GUI via USB.
    But if board won't indicate nothing, check voltage on this pins: http://ybex.com/d/ryndlslnwt6rcjfb4jy9dmc1iliee34dkd14noty.html
  • Hi there,
    I am also experiencing problems with the new tiny revision B board. It seems to have communication problems with the IMU sensor. I cannot read the real-time position of ANY of the three axis. The pitch,roll and Yaw indicators of the GUI move like in slow-motion, having no relation with the real position of the frame.
    On the other hand, every time I write parameters in order to make any change, I receive the following message:
    - Something goes wrong when writing parameters:
    - No confirmation on writing configuration of adjustable variables
    - No confirmation on writing parameters on command 22
    - No confirmation on writing parameters on command 34
    - No confirmation on writing parameters on command 64

    If anyone could help me I would be so pleased.

    Thanks in advance,
  • Hello,

    I guess this problem relates to USB communication. Are there other devices connected to UART inteface, like Bluetooth or Arduino? If connected, you need to disconnect them to work with GUI via USB.
  • Hello,
    In fact, it is a USB connection problem. But I dont have any device connected. I have also reinstalled the VCP driver: https://www.basecamelectronics.com/files/drivers/CP210x_Windows_Drivers_6_7_2.zip. ANd I also have tested with VCP V1.4.0.
    No result, the info doesnt flow or it goes very slow.

    Still stucked...
    The simplest and the strangest...Just changing computer.
    Thanks for everything!