trouble with a alexmos 3 axis gymbal calibration
  • i bought this 3 ax gimbal from a guy that always have it calibrated froma an "expert". now i would like to do it by myself. saw a lot of tutorials and it seems possible. but here comes the problem. it seems like the alexmos board has no usb port or similar to connect a computer and doing the last part of calibration.
    i made some photos to explain it better, but i'm a neewbie here, so i don't know how to post.
    the question is?in there any ohter way to connect the board to pc without a usb link?
    another little question. is Li-Po battery really that dangerous to work with?on the net seems that is like having a grenade.
    i bought a "smart" recharger. does it do everything alone when charging?or..i have to prgram something?
  • Hello,
    Please, upload your photos for any photoservice and place links here.
    Usually, boards without USb port has pins for UART connection, and you can to use USB-UART adapter like this: http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__26926___USB2_0_TTL_UART_6PIN_Module_Serial_Converter_CP2102.html

    About Li-po battery, don't worry about it, if you use smart-charger like IMax b6 or similar.
    Be careful and don't to pierce or cut protective shell of the battery.
    Also do not overload "swollen" battery or not to use them.