Yaw Problem
  • I do not know why when I turn on follow yaw gimbal start moving from right to left and back again .

    Does anyone have any idea how to fix it?
    Thank You and best regards.
  • Do you have RC or joystick connected, make sure it is not causing that, also make sure that IMUs are well calibrated. Disable gyro calibration at startup and perform that manually when needed.

    Is that with encoders? Could be something wrong on encoder calibration, or basic setup.
  • yes with encoders
    imu calibrated ,joystick o.k I think the problem is with encoder or motor...
  • It could be wrong motor inverted or encoder calibration, or wrong axis order or...

    Best thing would be to save profiles and EEPROM and set everything carefully up again, performing manually the hole setup.

    It is also possible some failure on motors, encoders etc.

    That looks like a goof quality gimbal, probably the manufacturer of that could help you best.
  • I checked everything I’m sure it's not the fault of the motor or encoder
    (swapped yaw and roll), and the same situation yaw going like crazy ...
    I suspect that the problem is with soft
    epprom reset several times
    accelerometr I set up a couple of times, gyro

    I found something else :) gui v2.56 b7
  • Not sure I understand what you found. Did you get it working ok?
  • No ...still the same problem with yaw :(

    gui have typing error ...( gysroscope)
  • Why do you activate estimate frame angles from motors?? you have encoders.

    If that does not help make sure once again motor inverted is correct. Disable encoders and perform Auto. Are the motor poles 28 correct?
  • yes 3 motors have encoder AS5048A,B (pwm) 28 poles are Correct
    I tried with and without encoders, swapped motor yaw to roll and each time the same problem with the yaw.I calibrate everything many times ( ACC,Gyro, eeprom,)I don't know what to do with this controller?!only remains to buy a new but it is pointless ... another $ 130
  • I am 90% sure that is not a board problem, it is something on the setup. It appears to work ok other than follow mode, or is there any other problems than the follow mode bouncing back and fort?

    Did you try without "estimate frame angles from motors"
  • Hello
    I have the same problem.
    In locked mode all working fine and properly.
    When switching in follow mode (Follow PITCH, ROLL) roll axis starts lightly oscillate and
    Yaw axis slowly spins.
    I have no encoders and
    So My question is:
    I have to calibrate all from scratch or there is some problem with the board?

  • Do you have that problem if encoders are not enabled or with non encoder FW? Maybe some problem with your encoder installation. Is it accurate, magnet accurately on center etc. You could verify looking the encoder RAW data on monitoring. full rotation corresponds to 16384 so 90 degrees is 4096.

    What FW are you using?
  • I'm using FW 2.50 b3
    and I haven't installed encoders.

    Should I tune PID settings from scratch?
  • Is that encoder or non encoder FW?

    If you have encoders not installed, use non encoder FW. I would suggest upgrading never FW and using auto tuning, but first the hole basic setup must be correctly performed.
  • I think it is not encoder FW because there isn't encoder tab in menu after connection.
  • Sorry, I misread your first post that you have encoders.

    If it is working ok on non follow mode, I can not see how it could be a bad board. It is something else.
  • I figured it out!
    Actually you have to calibrate PID parameters from scratch even the gimbal is working properly in lock mode. Then check INVERT for YAW and activate follow yaw mode. All these settings I recorded in separate profile.
  • The invert is best always to be performed with auto, and then just correct motor poles to actual, but never touch invert again.
  • Hi, I have one of the first 32bit board, it always worked great until I installed the latest firmware.
    Now I have a similar problem.
    I have no encoders installed at all and I can get the YAW Follow function to work correctly. It drifts a lot and I have no control on the following speed.
    The IMU's are well calibrated and all the setup is all well done. Note that I work with gimbals for a really long time and I know how to setup these things.

    So, this is really a firmware issue, I will downgrade for the previous one as it was working like a charm......

    Here is the video of the symptoms:

  • What FW is it tat you have the problems with? How have you configured the upside down (Advanced) or is the gimbal tuned on that position?

    Also remember that you need to use the GUI that corresponds with the FW version or you could have strange issues.
  • Hi
    The gimbal is set like this but the behaviour is the same like this or inverted, I tried several setups already and I get always the same result, even with Auto Tune.
  • I keep the same opinion... it is a firmware issue
    Now it is already downgraded to the previous firmware and working perfectly again
  • So what FW version has the problem?
  • ... and what is the downgraded version which works better?
  • The FW that gave me problems is the latest so far, the 2_56b7 and the one I am using again without issues is the 2_50b3
    All the FW are non-encoder
  • I don't know what happened with new firmware but my first problem with follow yaw is not solved ....right now I got new message from gui 2.56b7 ''Emergency stop:Encoder/IMU angles mismatch'' every time when pitch go 10-20 degrees....What is it again?
  • The message is quite clear "Encoder/IMU angles mismatch"

    Is your encoders well calibrated, gear ration correct, motor pole number correct.