My brushless gimbal board has burned with the first use!
  • Hello guys, i have bought a brushless gimbal from banggood (link in description). i connected it to the 12v from my CX20 drone located under it. also attached the pitch cable as tutorials on youtube. Then i tuned on my copter for the first 15seconds everything was right, but then i saw some fire on the board then i stopped the current immediately. There is 2 chips bruned somehow, i dont know why and how...
    then i tried later to make it working with the same way => there were no burning anymore but the chips gets hot so i can smell the bruned plastic again, unfortunately the roll doesnt work anymore and the pitch isnt smooth neither. You can see the video here in the description and also the image of the board.


    Can you help me if there is a chance to recover it? thanks.
  • Hello, your controller is not genuine but chinese immitation.
  • And the magic smoke that kept it running has left the board.

    Sorry could not resist, but seriously make sure no short-circuit and replace all electronics with genuine board + IMU.