Howto: Calibrate 2x IMU?
  • I am having difficulty** using 2.50b2 to calibrate 2x IMU:
    currently camera IMU has all ticks,

    but why is frame IMU 'Calibrate' greyed out?

    should the camera IMU be connected for both calibrations?
    if so does the camera IMU orientation matter when calibrating frame IMU?

    should one calibrate frame or camera IMU first?

    are there 2x write or is their only only 1x write?

    thanks again


    ie interpreting what exactly is meant by:
    "You need to do calibration separately for each IMU sensor"
  • My advice:
    Please make video for 2x IMU similar to:
    but demonstrating method for frame and then camera IMU.

    my experience was non-ideal, perhaps third attempt got lucky, :

    at some stage I had both IMU all ticked, but had never calibrated camera IMU, having started out just calibrating frame IMU which was saved as camera.

    Also a little confusion over 'both sensors' being used to mean 2x IMU but also gyro + acc sensors.

    for me understanding that write is OK and especially write in advance window.
    ie what settings are normal to start with....
  • Hello,
    You can switch between the two IMU using the buttons in the GUI: http://ybex.com/d/z2384cprdbie2ptof1fggsv6w30l7ljaqrtlbsc4.html

    If you can't switch: check ADDR bridge on the frame IMU's board. On the frame IMU ADDR bridge must be cut.
  • Hello,
    I was accidentally sent two camera sensors. I purchased a frame sensor and still can not switch between them. Am I missing something? the ADDR is cut on the frame sensor but I have no idea on the other because the sensor doesn't look familiar to any of the videos I have seen online.
  • Hello,
    You can take photos of both sides of your IMU and place here.
    Possible, we or somebody will help you.