Simple BGC GUI APP, Won't connect to my PID.
  • Hey,

    I had just finished the stages of calibrating the sensors, everything was running smoothly, then the next day I plug it into my mac and it wont recognize the controller now!!! All it says is connecting....... on the board. Any suggestions?? I've tried using multiple different mirco usb's, I've downloaded every driver there is!!! Please someone help!!!!

  • Hello,
    Please, send us photos of both sides of your board in high resolution.
  • Assuming that everything else is working/setup fine (based on your statement that it was working before)...

    When the connection gets persnickety (which it does from time to time), I tend to have good luck pulling out the USB cable, disconnecting any other source of power (like battery), and restarting the GUI. It's like both sides of the connection need to forget about the connection AT THE SAME TIME. Failed connections don't clean themselves up very nicely. Once everything is down, try bringing it back up again.

    As you've probably figured out, "connecting" is code for, "I've started the connection process, but have failed to complete the process. If that shows up for more than three seconds, it's failed.

    Another tip: If you actually hit the disconnect button before disconnecting the USB cable, it tends to reconnect more cleanly.
  • Hey! Thanks for the reply! I purchased a new controller but now faced with another problem, since I am very new to this bare with me haha. I accidentally switched the serial port speed from 115200 to 256000 and hit write while doing something else, the gimbal started to shake, the PID was not beeping, it would not let me turn the motors off, so after about 4 minutes I have to pull the plug on the battery and the USB cable. Leading me back to my original problem which is now it will not connect again : (. I have been reading up on it and should I do a recovery on it?

  • If, after trying the steps I mentioned above, you still have trouble connecting, then I would go ahead and flash the board per the instructions in the manual ("Uploading Firmware in the Manual Mode"). Follow the steps very closely.

    Be aware that after you flash the board, you must reconnect, and it will beep incessantly after connection until you go through the normal (automatic) upgrade process. The manual upgrade (flashing process) doesn't actually load usable firmware on your board. It just loads enough code so that you can use the automatic upgrade tool.
  • Hello,
    JonoJCG, at first, try push 10 times button in board, its roll back the settings to default values.
    If its will not help, try upload recovery firmware in manual mode.