Yaw "shakes" and doesn't fix position
  • Hi everyone,

    I just got hold of a 3-axis board and I'm trying to set it up. I'm following the guide in the manual but I'm getting a very slight "shake" on the yaw axis and it doesn't hold the heading, it moves with the quad that it's currently fixed to.

    Could anyone share some insight so I can try and solve the problem? I've calibrated the sensor with roll and pitch working perfectly.

  • Re confirm the motor inverted status by performing motor auto. Wrong inverted could cause the symptoms you mention. Remember to set the pole count to actual motor pole count.

    Autotune the yaw only with good stability setting.

    Also if the yaw is not well balanced, it causes those symptoms.
  • Hi thanks for replying.

    I've already performed the auto motor config with the suggested power settings (I believe it was 100%, 120%, 120% for R, P, Y).

    I'll need to check how balanced the yaw axis is.

  • Add power for yaw if it can take it without heating. Warm to touch is ok, but if you can not hold hand on the motor, it is too hot.