YAW Motor has no strength
  • I'm not sure if my YAW motor (GB85-1) is working properly.
    No matter what PID/Power settings I use I never get enough torque. I can stop the YAW with 1 finger and very, very little resistance.

    I tried auto-tune about 20 times varying from better stability to better precision and still nothing. Towards the beginning of my tuning I did smell something from the YAW motor but all three motors (using an infrared camera) showed about the same 30C.

    How can I get more torque on the YAW axis?
    (32-bit, 2.42b6 (software), 2.42b7 firmware)
  • What battery/power settings are you using. 4S battery and Power 200 provides very good torque and the motor does not get hot.

    But still the yaw needs to be reasonably well balanced.
  • I'm using a 3S with P=51, I=0.04, D=38, Power=150.

    I have all 3 axis moving smoothly but if I interfere with the YAW rotation (give it the finger!) it starts to jump around.