Not connected Bluetooth
  • I am trying to connect a bluetooth controller 32 Bits. When I connect the controller to USB, bluetooth is turned on, the HC05 smartfone it detects, but can not get SIMPLEBGC (android) connect.
    Is there any step I'm forgetting.
    Revice forums and not much explanation

    Thank you
  • Hello, could you explain in detail how to enter the AT command ? do i need any external device or something ? I've read 3 topics on this problem where it says to enter the correct baud rate but i can't find any tutorial about how to do it.


    EDIT : i don't have the HC05 module, i have the iflight module and it doesn't come with the KEY pin i've seen on some tutorial about reprogramming it with an arduino.

    Should i get an HC05 to replace the iflight ?
  • Stop-Bit should only be one....thus:
    AT COMMANT --------> AT+UART=115200,0,2
    And if neccessary Role=Slave:
    AT COMMANT --------> AT+ROLE=0