Software won't connect...
  • My SimpleBGC GUI v2.4 b8 will not connect on my Mac, or a PC running Windows 8. The board just doesn't show up. I've a series of connection options, none of them actually connect though - I get 'connecting...' but it never does. On the Win machine, there are NO connection options. Tried two cables too. Any ideas? Anyone in Northern California have one of these? Alex 3 gimble board
  • on the mac don´t open the app until the board is connected to the computer. And everytime you disconnect you´ll have to exit the app and reopen it.
  • Doesn't help. I've a list of dev/cu.Bluetooth-serial 1 or 2 (both are listed twice). Then Modem and PDA Sync (also two listings each). But nothing connects. I get 'Connecting to / dev/cu...' but doesn't connect. This is for a handheld camera stabilizer (three gimbles).
  • Did you fix the bluetooth yourself? Some bluetooth configuration you need to use Terminal to change the Baud to 115000 then you can use it.

    Please check if your firmware is v2.4 b8 or b7 or even v2.3b6? are you using 8bit or 32bit? where did you get your board from?
  • I can't figure out which firmware, because I can't connect with my Mac. I got the board from Came-TV.com. 3 gimble design. The board is alive, but a bit erratic.
  • Hey I just bought the came. 7000 from. Came.tv and I am having trouble configuring my stabilizer with my mac running snow leopard. I try and connect it and I believe it connects but it doesn't say COM 1 or any thing like all the other people and when I upload a profile (cheesycam) /(tomantos)just to get it started but the motors keep jerking around and doesn't keep stable and I believe the roll and pitch is mixed up I just need some serious help !!! PLEASE
  • I've gotten mine to connect now on my Mac, v 2.30 b5. Unfortunately, I now have the same issue that TJones91 has - it won't stop jerking around.
  • Hey guys - I have installed the mac driver and the GUI still can't detect the circuit board. There's a dropdown menu but COM 1 ETC isn't an option. When the gimbal is connected to laptop it makes a strange sound and jerks around.

    Do you have any ideas on how to fix this problem. Its driving me nuts!
  • "When the gimbal is connected to laptop it makes a strange sound and jerks around." If you have motors connected to the board, so should be the battery. Or does this jerking around happen also when battery is connected?

    I connect over USB only when updating FW, disconnecting motors first. Normal configuration I do over Bluetooth. (I do not really trust these boards enough to connect to USB when battery is connected, but that is just me.)

    Mac usually does not recognise the ports as COM 1, COM 2 etc., just see and try what appears on the GUI list. Usually the right one has '.tty.' on the name Windows could give any COM port number, you need to see from the device manager what port was assigned. Ports are often assigned as per USB port, so if next time you connect to different USB port, the ports might be different.

    I am not the only one who has had problems with USB cable. A short and good quality cable is good to have for FW update.

  • Please, my board stopped working. It does not make any sound or vibration and it does not read on the simplebgc32 software...what can I do?