W-BGC 3 axis board (70amps continuous) Version 2 controller EMI noise problems
  • Hi All. Please help.

    Config: dslr(or red) size gimbal
    motor: 2x 14 pol (1:4 yaw, 1:1 pitch) 1x42 pol (1:1 roll)
    battery 6s.
    receiver: CPPM 18ms Frsky and JETI PPM
    I2c cable: original shilded full lenght and half lenght, flat 4 pin, separate shilded flat (4x microphone cable)
    receiver power: self powered from ALexmos contoller or separated SBEC or linear BEC (7805)

    if motor power on: jeti or frsky rc signal periodically lost sync sync lost lenght(1 cycle) . After lost sync, gimbal rotate pitch and roll 200 degree. Remote command power off and on again, controller lost orientation.
    This symptome observed the GUI realtime RC-data. All signal moment disappears.
    Needed landing and restarting controller (power cycle)
    This sync lost period: 10sec to 60sec.

    if motors power off: no problem

    I changed the controller original alexmos (viacopter +yaw panel), modded battery voltage sensor (resistors: parallel 10k on 10k) and connected 6s battery. (all capacitor 35V). Interesting: not need cooling the power switch IC. motors power: 255,255,255
    After 20 starts no problem, zero I2c error. (receiver: JETI)

    I thinking, perhaps my problem the hardware desingn faliure? W-BGC.
    How to eliminate EMI noise or other electomagnetic noise from RC signal?
    Perhaps disconnect small connector holder panel and place further off?
    Please help
    Thank you