What is gyroscope in MEMS?
  • MEMS gyroscope is one type of MEMS sensor. MEMS is the origin of Micro Electro Mechanical systems. This is a 21st century cutting-edge technology that uses micro/nano technology to design, process, manufacture and measure micron and nanomaterials. It can integrate mechanical components, optical systems, driving components, and electronic control systems into an integral unit micro system. With the development of technology, MEMS gyroscope can not only collect, process and send information or instructions, but can also act autonomously or according to external instructions based on the information obtained.

    Compared with the traditional mechanical gyroscope, the traditional mechanical gyroscope mainly uses the principle of conservation of angular momentum, that is, for a rotating object, its rotation axis direction does not change with the rotation of the support carrying it. The MEMS gyroscope mainly uses the principle of Coriolis force (tangential force on a rotating object when it is in radial motion). The disclosed micro-mechanical gyroscopes use the concept of the angular velocity of a vibrating object to sense and detect vibration Coriolis force.
    Establishing a dynamic coordinate system in space, three types of acceleration can be calculated from the formula: radial acceleration, Coriolis acceleration and tangential acceleration. If there is no radial motion of the object on the disk, the Coriolis force will not occur. Therefore, in the design of the MEMS gyroscope, the object is driven and constantly moves back and forth in the radial direction or oscillates. The Coriolis force corresponding to this is constantly changing back and forth in the lateral direction, and may cause the object to move back and forth in the horizontal direction. There is a slight horizontal oscillation, and the phase is exactly 90 degrees different from the driving force.

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