The advantages of MEMS gyro
  • Widely used MEMS gyros can be used in oil&gas, aerospace, marine, weapons, automotive, biomedical, environmental monitoring and other fields. And MEMS gyros have obvious advantages than traditional gyros:
    1. Small size and light weight.
    Suitable for installation space and weight requirements, such as missile load measurement. It is also suitable for special-shaped gyro tools. The drill pipes of many gyro tools require that the size of the gyro should not be too large, so MEMS gyros are a very suitable choice. Ericco’s MEMS gyro is all 11x11x2mm. For oil&gas industry, MG2-022 (https://www.ericcointernational.com/gyroscope/mems-gyroscope/high-temperature-north-seeking-mems-gyro-for-gyro-tools125c.html) is specially designed for gyro tools which the temperature can reach 125 degrees compared with the highest temperature of 85 degrees from normal MEMS gyros.
    2. Low cost.
    MEMS gyro is a chip-based gyroscope, which is smaller and cheaper than traditional gyroscopes. It is a very good choice for companies and industries that need to control costs.
    3. High reliability.
    There are no rotating parts inside but all solid state devices. It can anti-large overload shock and has a long working life.
    4. Low power consumption.
    MEMS gyro consumes less power than mechanical gyroscopes, which is critical for battery-powered devices and energy-saving systems.
    5. A large number of courses and easy to mass production
    Suitable for high speed and large g value. Because MEMS gyro is small in size and low in cost, they are easier to mass produce.
    6. Easy to digitize and intelligent.
    Like digital output, temperature compensation, zero calibration, etc.

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