Tarot GoPro 2 axis conversion issue
  • Hello,
    We have a marine application where the standard Tarot gimbal controller will not calibrate on the moving boat. I have swapped this out for a Tiny version C Basecam controller.

    The issue I have is that the gimbal is rock solid until I pitch it past about 87deg (aiming for the 90 limit set in the GUI) At these angles the gimbal starts to roll slowly and evently hitting the mechanical limit and then oscillates. The gimbal is well balanced and tuned, I can't see any mechanical restrictions and no i2c errors. I have run the IMU cals several times and this doesn't seem to be the issue as the GUI is showing the correct gimbal attitudes. It's like the controller is just not compensating at the high pitch angles.

    Anyone have any ideas of what to start looking for?

    - Checked the obvious settings and briefcase mode etc
    - Switched IMU out.
    -Changed IMU orientation on the camera arm.
    -downgraded the firmware to V2.60b4 that is used on a number of our other gimbals.

    Thanks in advance for any help!!!