Developing a drone 3 axis Gimbal
  • Hello all. I started a thread some time ago because I was about to start the development of my own 2 axis gimbal for a drone.

    Finally I have realized that a 3rd axis is needed if really try to go for the best stabilization. I have now 2 gimbal developments going in parallel:

    1- For the Gopro 10

    I am using the Tinny Rev C board for both of them.

    After experiencing plenty of problems caused by I2C errors in the IMU wire, finally I managed to solve them and now I have both the gimbals working pretty decently when only using 2 axis.

    Now the problems come with the 3rd axis.

    When I enable the 3rd motor, is working fine when tilted small angles and follow mode disactivated. However when I tilt the gimbal a little bit more it starts shacking and having erratic behavior. This problem happens more in the Gopro10 one than in the Flir one, but it happens in both of them.

    My goal is enable the 3rd axis and use follow mode, so the gimbal follows the movements of the drone in YAW, in order to do that I got these encoders https://www.basecamelectronics.com/as5048b/ as discussed wit Andrew from the support team. That would be the minimum setup to achieve that.

    I am about to install the encoders but I would like to solve the above mentioned problem first and have the gimbals working perfectly with the follow mode disactivated. Step by step.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi, If I'm not mistaken the Tiny Rev C board does not support encoders, unless I'm mistaken?
  • It does! I have enabled the follow mode with the encoder in both gimbals, however, still dealing with the gimbals shacking when tilted a large angle in Pitch.