Cannot connect to GUI or upload recovery firmware
  • Using SimpleBGC 32-bit Extended (2.70b0). When I try to connect to the board on my Raspberry Pi over USB, the output window appears to be running a "ConnectThread" that tries to find the correct baud rate and parity to use and connect to the board. This process continues, occasionally saying "Error configuring serial port: gnu.io.UnsupportedCommOperationException: Invalid Parameter", and never connects. When I try to manually upload the recovery firmware, it says "Failed to upload: no answer from bootloader". This occurs on Windows as well. Pressing the menu button 10 times does not seem to help. Any thoughts?
  • Hi!
    When connecting Extended to that usb, do u see any light on the controller? (If not, try another usb port and/or something switching the cable helps)

    Did it work before or this is your first time trying it?

    Try to reinstall or your virtual com port and see if anything happens. Here is the link: https://ftdichip.com/drivers/vcp-drivers/

  • 1. Ensure it's up to date with the apt-get update and upgrade commands.
    2. Remove "console = serial0 115200" from '/boot/cmdline.txt'
    3. Add "enable_uart=1" to the end of '/boot/config.txt'
    4. Reboot