Am I in the right place?
  • Hello I work for a company that has a huge need for a gimbal I can point at regions of interest. WE have purchased the Freefly Movi-Pro and the Gremsy H16, both companies promised us the ability to control the pointing via their API. Both companies lied and cant do this, Gremsy either is stupid or ignoring me and Freefly threw up their hands immediately saying they no longer support the API. So I was hoping to rip out the current PCB in the Gremsy and swapping it with the SimpleBGC 32bit board. The encoder pin outs are different and I really seriously doubt I can just swap this out but heres hoping. Do you think this is possible or a pipe dream? Why are all the medium sized gimbals complete and utter garbage? Why cant I add pictures to this post so you can kind of know what the heck I am talking about?