20-30kg Gimbal Motor Recommendation
  • Hi every one
    I'm starting to build my own 20 to 30kg payload gimbal for Kandao Obsidian Pro VR360 camera:
    I want to consult about electronic part
    For controller, I will use Basecam BGC Pro: https://www.basecamelectronics.com/pro/
    For motor, I'm considering these motors for Yaw, Pitch, Roll axes.
    1. PM120 Gimbal motor:
    2. MY ACTUATOR RMD-X8 PRO Brushless DC:
    Is there any other electronic part I need to purchase and please help me with the wiring diagram.
    The X8 pro uses Can bus protocol and the PM120 has encoder.
    Thank you so much
  • Hi,

    the controllers cannot control your RMD motors via the built-in drivers, for that you need the can boards from basecam. Best way ist to read the Manuel with all it specs.

    Do you only want to replace the eletronic or also the mechanics itself?Try to use as much standard construction material as you can and start drawing.

  • This project is very similar in size to what I am building. I have a sensor that is 15lbs~ and about 30" long. I am very new to building gimbals and was curious if you any equipment recommendations to build a robust system that could handle me making a few mistakes with the drone. I only need 2 axis control (not roll). If you are aware of a ready kit I can mount to pretty much any drone I'd love to see it. I see all DJI stuff, but not many competitors for that size. I have full control over drone config, so I am not worried about programming for it. I just know nothing about gimbals.