Mavlink camera issues with the controller
  • I have issues with the px4 with basecam. We have a jetson nano based system where the jetson nano sends out mavlink data over udp to our custom communication module that is connected to the px4 running on cuav nora.
    I did the setup accordingly - the jetson knows to send data to mav_id_2, if it gets a heartbeat from it, then it sends the camera controls and video together with the telemetry data appears in QGC.
    Everything is good so far.
    When I add the basecam controller, i set the Mnt_Mav to 1 and mnt_comp_id 154 and in the basecam GUI the system ID to 1 and component ID to 154. Then it does not work by itself, but when I change the mav_id to 1, then I get it to work, but this means I loose the camera feed and telemetry.
    When I change the mnt id-s to 2 and mav id to 2 then i might get the gimbal to move, but no video. Sometimes its the other way around. gimbal does not move, but i have video. The interesting thing happens when I leave everything to one, unplug the gimbal, then change the mav_id to 2 in the Px4 and then plug in the gimbal. Then I get it to work and gimbal to move, but after I reboot the autopilot, it does not work anymore.
    Vmount test pitch 30 moves the gimbal in most cases. I can see from basecam GUI that I should have control over the gimbal, but it does not move with the joystick.

    Has anyone seen this kind of an issue before? Or maybe someone can tell me what am I missing?