Mavlink connection - problems
  • good morning guys

    I have a problem with the Mavlink connection from Alexmos SBGCv3.0 to the Cube 2.1 Black

    Despite respecting the typical configuration (TX BGC to pin 3 Telem1 PixHawk and RX BGX to Pin 2 Telem1 PixHawk ... GND to GND), when I insert the connector on BGC the GUI 2.70b0 hangs and does not load the parameters. If I remove the connector then it charges regularly.

    Obviously the parameters on the Cube 2.1 Black are set according to manual (serial1 = 115 - Protocol = 1 etc.)

    This happens with both powered and unpowered Pixhawk

    Obviously if I invert RX-TX the GUI loads but it will never be able to dialogue

    I also replaced the SiliconLabs CP210x Driver updated to 2020

    do you have any advice on this ... thanks