Sending external reference to main/frame IMU
  • 1) I want some guidance regarding the serial API outgoing command CMD_AHRS_HELPER. The serial API documentation says that for H and Z vectors we need to send x,y and z components as float values. Does the BGC controller takes 32 bit float or 64 bit float values. Also how can we make sure that the the BGC board is accepting the reference or the attitude vector and correcting its frame/main IMU based on transmitted mode and vectors.

    2) I want to use the flight controller Roll,Pitch and Yaw to get the heading vector and send it to simple BGC. I want to send it as a reference for Frame IMU. Should I calculate the rotation matrix in YPR order and take the first column,then swap the x and y values to convert from NED to END frame of BGC ? Or should I take the inverse of this rotation matrix and than take the first column to get the correct heading vector.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome.