Problem with extended basecam
  • Hi everybody, i have a problem with my basecam controller.
    I have the basecam simpleBGC_32bit_extended, with only one IMU (camera IMU) and encoderless brushless motor, the gimbal works good when stabilize the camera, but when the PITCH motor goes over 71° in both direction, ROLL and YAW motors begin ti vibrate and tilt casually themself, that make the gimbal unstable and i cant mount it on my drone.
    Can anyone help me?
  • Hello,
    Do you use firmware with or without encoder support? Because encoders firmware required to use encoders on all axises.
    Also, check balance fo PITCH axis. Usually, if with balance something wrong, Vertical red bar (on Gauge panel) will be filled up complitelly before the gimbal starts vibrate (when the motor goes over 71 deg in your case). http://ybex.com/d/gyman36yhjcywo9jo4e926hh6wn9m1zxshmwgiyp.html
  • I use the 2.69b4 firmware.
    PITCH axis is balanced, and all vertical red bars are in static position when the gimbal vibrate.
    Now I've tried to attivate te frame imu (ive seen only now that the extended has a built in frame imu) I've calibrate it and it works, but my problem is not solved
  • Wich is the the firmware without encoder?
  • Basically, the extended board has pre-installed encoders firmware and this firmware requires using encoders on all axises. Also, you can update board to firmware wihtout encoders support, usual it has "no encoders" title.